Oh Canadian Medical System! You are Wonderfully Free but Achingly Slow.


It's happening! I have a consult the lymphocele surgeon, Dr. Really Difficult to Get an Appointment With, this upcoming Tuesday. Never before have I been so relieved to have a time and date to meet with a surgeon.

It's taken months.

It has taken so long that my brain has somewhat normalized the nephrostomy. This is not to say that I am alright with the tube and bag. I most definitely am not. But, after the duration of time that I now have had this medical contraption, I register its abnormality less and less*. 

Likewise I am dulled to getting up in the morning and immediately wrapping both legs individually from  foot to thigh in tensor bandages. I just do it. I do what needs to be done.  

The actions I take to keep the kidney functioning as best as it can and the lymphocele (somewhat) at bay have become rote, much like brushing my teeth. 

The brain is an incredible coping tool.


*Even my two-year old son no longer finds it strange that “Mommy pees in a bag”. Humans are amazingly and frighteningly adaptable creatures.