I Know that you are Jealous (of my Beige Stocking and Tree-trunk leg).

My come-hither baby beige tensor stocking has come out of retirement. After visiting the lymphatic massage therapist a few weeks ago, and her firmly wrapping my left leg with foam and tensor bandages (which I wore non-stop for two days and nights, minus one hour breaks each day), my leg reduced in size. It actually looked skinny! It was exciting. I wanted to wear shorts and it was only three degrees outside. (Although I have to admit that, in true Winnipeg parka-with-shorts-style, I would not have stood out much). The sexy being stocking was (naively but happily) packed away.

Well, it's back. The fluid slowly accumulated in my leg again, and I am again wrapping at night and wearing the dreaded leg sock throughout the day.

To top it off, when visiting my lymphatic massage therapist this evening to have my once-again expanding leg circumference measured, she mentioned that since so many months have past since I began experiencing problems with my lymphatic system, that this issue of drainage and leg swelling may have developed into a permanent one. This is not new information, previously I had been told by doctors that there was a possibility of this permanency occurring. But the therapist saying it tonight seemed more dire; it was news to me that the usual window of time to successfully deal with problematic lymph drainage is three months, I was not aware of this general guideline. 

So I shrugged my shoulders and thought that I was dealing alright with this latest possibility, until i got home, where the frustration regarding these health issues surfaced, leaking out over the members of my household over trivial matters (the house is messy. Why is the house always messy? The kid is not listening when we are telling him to do something. Why is he not listening? The dog! Argh! Why is the dog always underfoot? Doesn't he know he is a big dog?).

You get the idea. It wasn't pretty. In fact, I would even admit that my beige stocking is prettier than my leaking frustrations this evening. And that is saying a lot.