Lymphy Strikes Again.

I am slightly stupefied that this sizable lymphocele, composed of my own body tissue, feels more foreign to me than the latest donated kidney. 

Out, out, damn lymphocele. I am so tired of you. *


*I did not have a nap today. Ever since the transplant, I've needed to either nap or at least lay down for a part of the afternoon. At first, this was simply to regain energy, but soon it became about lymphocele management. By that I mean laying down was and is an opportunity to reduce the swelling on my legs and belly. Gravity is great that way. 

But today, because I got up late in the morning, I naively believed that I did not require this 'laying down to appease the lymphocele' regime. I was incorrect in that assessment; I paid for it by needing to lay prone for the better part of the evening. Yes, this is my Saturday night: in bed at nine, decaf tea in hand. 

Me and my lymphocele, we live a wild and crazy life.