On Peeing and Smarties

(Note: I am back home from my latest hospital stay after having had a lymphocele marsipualization. While the surgery was successful, there were complications, and I am finding myself more drained than I expected. I am therefore posting an entry that I completed two weeks ago, back when I still was using the nephrostomy tube and bag. I will be updating more current information soon).


I admit that I fake peed today.

We are currently in the urinary woes of potty training our two year old son. Upon occasion, after having completed his toilet peeing duties and (usually) with his congratulatory Smartie still in hand, he has been known to request “now Daddy pee?”. And likewise upon occasion, “Daddy” (aka: Sean) will oblige. Parenthood is a strange journey.

So far, because he knows that I pee into a bag, our son has not bothered to ask me to participate in this ‘a family that pees together stays together’ activity*.

After completing his potty duties this morning, however, he quite suddenly looked at me with a keen earnestness, pointed at the toilet and inquired, “Mommy pee now?”

What’s a mom to do?

Soon after, I too, found myself perched on that toilet, my son’s expectant face uncomfortably close to my peeing area. After what seemed like an appropriate amount of time of just sitting there like this, I exclaimed (lied) “Mommy peed!”

His face beamed. He clapped his hands. And, as only two year olds can, his whole body wiggled in jubilance.

We said goodbye to the "pee",  flushed the toilet and washed our hands. And then, like the big accomplishment it was, we treated ourselves each to a Smartie.



*I am not a scientist. This has not been scientifically proven.