Not the Update I Expected to Write: It's Back.

This is not the update that I expected to write. I had planned update II to include my stay in hospital, with all its ups and downs, and various heparin needles in between. But life, I have learned perhaps too late in life, doesn’t often move in a straight neat line. So for now, the hospital stay update will have to wait.

Because here’s the latest curve: I returned to transplant clinic this past Thursday, to undergo the usual blood work and likewise review the recent lymphocele surgery with the nephrologist. My blood test did not go well; my creatinine (kidney toxins) showed a jump of 40, leaving my toxin levels at 190 (my normal range is 130 - 140). This significant increase can signal a kidney in distress.

I therefore found myself in emerg ultrasound early Friday morning, again with the familiar goop gliding over my now nearly six month along transplant*. I would find out a little later that same morning that the ultrasound showed hydronephrosis, or urine swelling the kidney due to lack of proper drainage (read: the lymphocele is baaaaaaack).

The nephrostomy tube was swiftly re-connected. After eight days of nephrostomy freedom, I now (mostly) pee into a bag again. By all appearances, the lymphocele surgery was not a success.

I’m not sure what is next. I meet again with the nephrologist tomorrow morning, to review (more) blood work and the like. I have questions. Oh boy, do I have questions! Unfortunately, most of them are surgery-related (what the f*cking fiddlesticks did Dr. Slice and Dice DO in there for the SIX hours that I was under?) but those will have to wait, as he is on holidays for the next week.

For now, the short-term goal is to stabilize the creatinine. Then, deal (again) with this lymphocele. 

*if you ever wish to feel irritable and/or a little down, have a life-threatening illness and sit in the HSC ultrasound waiting area for an extended period of time. Trust me: if the never-ending episodes of The View playing on the overhead TV don’t explode your brain, the buttery joy seemingly dripping off of soon-to-be-parents awaiting ultrasound pics of their first/second/third child will surely bring a bit of resentment to the surface**.

**This resentment is not something I'm proud of, or for that matter, condone. I'm admitting that I sometimes find myself jealous of other's seemingly normalized lives.