Blue Slippers and Dog Parks

I went to the local dog-park today wearing a wool slipper on my left foot.

This leg and foot are once again distended, due to the seemingly ever-lasting lymphocele.* Now, granted, this slipper, hand-knit by my mom, was and is a fine slipper, as far as slippers go. But I did still find myself, in public, walking on the grass in the late September sun, wearing a blue slipper on one foot and a sandal on the other.

Such is the new normal.** 


*I have begun seeing a  lymphatic drainage massage therapist. A part of this regime to move the lymphatic fluid out of the leg includes bandaging or wrapping the affected limb in many layers of stretch gauze and tensor bandages. It makes shoe-wearing non-existent.

**And, yes, I admit, that soon enough, once engrossed in watching my son and dog chase after each other and the errant dog ball, I forgot my peculiar foot wear.