These Boots Were Made for Walking

It was a good day; I was able to get winter boots on my plump* feet. I didn’t wear the usual tensor bandages or socks, mind you, but I managed to get those suckers on.

And then I went out. To a party. Me! I even talked to three people***, not including Sean and the kiddo.

I give full credit to those boots.


*Plump. What a great word. "Swollen" would probably be a more accurate description of these water-logged appendages. But I think that the word "plump" is grossly under-utilized** in our culture. So "plump" it is. 

**See what I did there? Grossly under-utilizing the word, "plump"? Ha! These boots have also made me a word smith! Magical boots...

***Okay, one was a six-year old kid. But in all fairness, the boots told me that it still counts.