Have a (Sort of) Working Kidney. Will Travel.

(Note: Since the transplant, the occasional (brave) soul has inquired about whether having this latest kidney has been worth* it. I can't say that I know how to answer that. I may never know. And while I am grateful for whomever's organ I am currently using to remain (relajjhjnnnnn,xnxxxxxtively)** healthy and more importantly, alive, I can't say that I feel any better with this kidney than what I did during my time on dialysis. 

But here's what gives me hope: my body is, technically, in better shape for having this surgery. The creatinine levels have dropped to a safer number. My heart and other organs presumably are happier for no longer being under the strain of dialysis. I've gained muscle.*** 

There are reasons to be glad for this kidney, even as it chugs along at its underachieving thirty-five percent function. For example, this summer was my folk's fiftieth wedding anniversary, and I decided to fly out for the party that was being thrown in celebration.And as I prepared for the trip, I found myself gleefully shocked by three new post-transplant realities: I no longer had to call Baxter (dialysis supplier) one month prior to any trip to have them ship the ridiculous amount of supply boxes to my travel destination. Secondly, it would not be necessary to drag that life-sustaining but heavy as heavy dialysis machine along.

And finally, thanks to this 'new to me' kidney, I could travel with merely a carry-on bag, much like a normal person. Well, under the guise of a normal person, at least. I am aware that most of the population does not have nearly half a dozen kidneys in them). 


*worth: a necessary although irksome word to define, especially when it pertains to health, quality of life, and end-of-life decisions. But at least it gives those medical ethicists something to talk about over their morning coffee. 

**the kiddo has learned how to open my Chromebook. The kiddo also loves to type. Nothing is safe anymore. 

***Give me a few more months in the gym and I will be able to kick your ass. Well, maybe your shins. You get the point. Without much trying, I've been able to gain biceps. And triceps. And all those other 'ceps gym-crawlers talk about over green kale protein powder shakes. (I don't drink those, by the way. I like cookies.The chocolate kind).